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Updated Underwriting Guidelines for Fall 2023

Funding for Your Business, Instantly

Get funded within the hour. The fastest funding experience happens instantly.

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Trusted by 1,300+ business owners

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Our Promise to You

Here's what you'll get when working with Instantly Capital.

The Right Fit

At Instantly we offer working capital loans, term loans, lines of credit, and consolidations. By applying once, you'll be considered for all our programs so no need to think twice.

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One-Page Application

We ask for basic information about you and your business — that's all. Upload three months of bank statements and you're good to go.


For All Industries

We proudly serve every field of business. As long as you're in business, you're eligible to apply for funding from Instantly Capital.


Transparent Underwriting

It shouldn't be a secret how we come up with our approval. We'll show you all the factors that helped and everything that hurt so that you know where to improve for next time.

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The Funding Process

From application to origination, these are the steps to get Instantly funded.

1. Apply online

Filling out an application takes 2-3 from start to finish. Just have your last 3 months of bank statements on hand and head to our online application form to get started.

2. Wait for underwriting

This can vary based on the file, but most applicants get an answer within an hour of submitting their application. We're known for being the fastest of all funders.

3. Choose approval

Usually we'll come back with several offers for you to choose from. We'll make sure you understand the pros and cons of each so you can decide which option works best for you.

4. Submit docs

At this point we'll ask for a couple items to verify your identity and your ownership of the account. This is often as simple as a picture of your driver's license and a voided check.

5. Sign contract

Then we'll generate the contract and send it to your inbox immediately. You can read it over and e-sign it in seconds if everything looks good and you'd like to move forward.

6. Receive funds

Finally, the funds will be originated via ACH and should hit your account within 1-2 business days. If all goes well, the origination would take place on the same day that you apply!

Have Questions?

Some of the most frequently asked questions, answered.

How much in revenue do I need to be making to qualify for funding?

As a rule of thumb we require a minimum of $5,000 in "true" deposits per month. This includes any real revenue from customers or factoring companies, but not transfers between bank accounts.

What factors do you consider when coming up with an approval?

Our funding is largely revenue-based, but we also look at: daily balances, industry, business start date, credit/background, and any debt you might have taken with other lenders.

Do I have to accept the offer if I am approved for funding?

Of course not. There's absolutely no commitment involved in our application process. You can feel safe in applying for free, without obligation, just to see your options.

Why should I work with Instantly Capital over someone else?

You can tell by our name that we pride ourselves on our speed — and that is our claim to fame. But even if instant funding isn't a priority for you, our core mission remains the same: to make sure that you get the funding you need to grow your business. Our approach is truly customer-first, and that's not so common these days. Working with Instantly Capital means working together with someone who respects you and tries their best to serve the interests of your business.
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